Central’s Giving Tree

This is Central’s GIVING TREE. It’s NOT a Christmas tree, more like a Thanksgiving tree.  The tree is decorated with leaves and acorns. On the decorations are things we hope you’ll give.  Things like notebook paper, erasers, pencils as school supplies for students; and cans of vegetables, boxes of macaroni, or detergents for Central Cares. You are invited to come, rake in a few leaves, and maybe as a family, shop for the items. Children like to give! In place of the three boxes, you’ll see ONE BOX, labeled GIVING TREE.  These things will be put out beside the table of materials for you to take. Unless it rains, things will be out Monday-Friday and Sunday from 9-1. Actually, many days things are here later than 1:00. If you have something to give at another time, just call or text me. I’ll come meet you! I’ll bring things in each day and put them in the correct box for  Christy, or me as we head up three of the missions of giving for November. Your giving can be from now through the 30th of the month.    As with physical trees, when you think you’ve gotten all the leaves, MORE will appear!