Bible Studies

Bible Studies

Several Disciple classes are offered throughout the week for women and men who want to progress through each level of the intensive study.  Disciple classes help us grow spiritually as we read, pray, share, fellowship, and serve.  Talk to Bobbie Denny if you’re interested in participating.  To contact Bobbie Denny, call the church at 704-536-9157.

Beginning in 2019, Bobbie Denny is preparing to lead “Jesus in the Gospels,” a second generation Disciple study. This will be open to anyone who has had Disciple One in the past.  It will be on Tuesdays. Talk to her if you want to be part of the class. Right now it’s planned for the evening, but if there are enough interested, she will do a morning group as well.  She needs to know by the last day of December. “Put Jesus FIRST in 2019!”

Scriptural opportunities:

-Bobbie Denny prepares monthly spiritual guide sheets which are available on the prayer table in the narthex or by downloading here.  Each sheet follows a theme and gives daily Bible passages to read and meditate upon. The table also features a chart that illustrates the month’s theme.

-Weekly scripture and prayer guide:
Sermon-based, daily readings and prayer suggestions. To receive the weekly guide, ask Bobbie Denny.