Spiritual Life Guide

FRUIT                    April guide

One thing Central has always done, and COVID has been no exception, is to feed people. While we’ve not done our fellowship meals together, we have made MANY meals to share with members and community, with folks we’ve known for decades and with folks we’ve only met this year. Food is a way of showing love. Hats off to Bette Nazarchyk! She’s forever thinking of ways to feed. She’s the ONE who began Central Cares over ten years ago. She’s the one who started Dinner Church, which due to COVID morphed into Central Feeds. And she’s the one who figured a way to feed our own members with Central Feeds on Wheels.  In addition to the foods these ministries supply, Christy has a list of folks who need a bit more help with meals. She has been faithful in giving our able members opportunities to help meet needs of some special folks. Whether we give or receive, food unites us. Jesus ate with all kinds of people, ate so often that his accusers called him a glutton. Jesus saw the value in eating together. I’m so eager for Central to gather and eat another fellowship meal. How we took for granted the blessing in that! Never again!  One day, Central, we will eat as before…or maybe never as before. Maybe in the future we’ll see that eating was the vehicle for fellowship, and the fellowship was indeed the best part of the meal.

In feeding some of our members, we have had to be creative in following dietary restrictions and still preparing tasty foods. No salt, no sugar, no gluten, no chocolate, no diary, no meat…it seems like most folks have at least one “no” to their intake.  When folks call me for ideas on what to cook, I find myself saying, “Well, you cannot go wrong with anything that grows. Think fruits and vegetables!”  It’s really amazing that in the world we live when we can get so many different foods all times of the year, so many man-made delights, the foods straight from the earth are the ones most reliable. Foods from the Lord, I think.

For the month of April I’ve found verses to read and meditate on that mention fruit. Most are actual physical fruit, but some are of the spiritual kind. Spiritual fruit is akin to physical, though, for God makes both grow, one outside and one inside. Both nourish, and both are vital to real life.  Enjoy the foods God gives, and share what you have. Call Betty or Christy or me if you want to help us feed others. Pray for those fellowship meals at Central to return again.

The guide is outside the church office and on Central’s website.

Bobbie Denny, spiritual lay leader.