Spiritual Life Guide

I live with a gardener. He gets excited about planting his spring garden WAY BEFORE the ground has thawed.  I see him look at garden supply catalogs the way he used to look at ME!  It’s ok. I’m a veggie lover!  Langston buys the best seeds to plant. He preps the soil, tends the weeds, waters as needed. In short, he does everything HUMANLY possible to grow the garden, but the LORD ALONE gives the growth. Walk around our community garden and marvel at the gorgeous green!

Work is being done in season and out of season. This is true-or should be-in our spiritual gardens. Before we came to Christ, God’s Spirit was working the soil in our hearts (prevenient grace). When we confessed our faith, the Lord planted the seed of the fruit of the Spirit. This fruit grows in us (sanctifying grace) as God’s Spirit grows in us the character of Christ (love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, generosity, gentleness, faithfulness, and self-control). When we read God’s Word, we’re adding nutrients. When we worship and pray, we’re watering the little plants.  When we serve others and witness to others, the fruit of the Spirit matures. This fruit can be shared with those in the world who are starving for love, joy, and peace.

If a gardener fails to tend his garden, the weeds take over and his veggies don’t have room to grow. Gardeners know to keep working.   In May you can “tend your spiritual garden” with the help of the spiritual guide located on the prayer table in the narthex or on the church’s website. Read and pray daily. Don’t give the devil a chance! Paul says, rather bluntly, “You were off to such a good start. What happened?  Grow up!”  May we heed that advice!

Bobbie Denny, spiritual lay leader