Spiritual Life Guide


For two months we have been focusing on FAITH at Central. One of Pastor Pam’s messages reminded us that it is not the amount of faith that matters. It’s not the strength of the faith, nor age of the person exercising his faith that matters. What matters is the ONE in whom we place our faith. GOD matters! Our eternal God has all power, all knowledge, all time. God can be trusted to hear our prayers and to answer them in just the right way at just the right time. To believe God and to trust in His goodness and love is to have FAITH that pleases God and sustains us.

September’s spiritual guide is about Jesus since Jesus is the source of our faith. Jesus IS God in a form we can understand. Nothing in the guide should surprise you, but everything should bless you as you prayerfully read about the One who loves us so much He died to make a way we can come to God. Meditate on the One worthy of our faith and trust. Confess your sins to Him, give Him thanks and praise, and share your burdens with the One who can help. The guide is on line and on the prayer table in the narthex.

Bobbie Denny, spiritual lay leader