Spiritual Life Guide


How well do you wait? Not very well, I imagine. To wait means we are not in charge. We like to be in charge. Humans are selfish and impatient. From little ones who say, “I can’t wait till the party!” (or dinner or the sun comes out or whatever the child wants now) to adults who inch up to a hair of the car bumper in front as if doing so will cause the red light to change, we just don’t wait well.

God gave many commands in the Bible. He expected obedience to all of them. God said STAND or LEAVE. God said COME or GO.  His commands were different but not without reason, and He didn’t always give His reason. He wanted His people to learn to trust Him.   God doesn’t play a holy game of Simon Says, giving random commands and trying to trip people up. (“God says Stay.” “God says Wait.” “Go!”)  We act like we are playing that game when we disregard the God-says commands and just “Go!”  The Bible says to ask, to call on Him.  God wants the best for us. He will tell us what’s best. If we love Him, we will seek His will and do it.

COVID days have had a lot of WAIT commands and not many GO commands. We’ve become anxious. We can’t wait till something opens. We can’t wait to feel normal again. COVID isn’t in the Bible, but God’s principles are. We are told to obey the authorities. We are told to do no harm. We are told that our freedom ends where it would hurt another.  We are told to love our neighbor. WAIT six feet shouldn’t be such a huge thing to do, especially if getting too close makes someone feel uncomfortable. GO down this aisle and DON’T GO down this one helps keep distance when aisles are small. We are not to be so selfish that what we want is more important than what someone else wants. We are all tired of waiting, but there is too much anger, too many short fuses.  Masks may make us feel like no one sees us, but we smile or we frown with our eyes, not just with our mouths. NEVER has the love of God been so needed.

November is the month for giving thanks. I am thankful that God tells me what to do that is best for me and best for others. I am thankful for the LIVING WORD that knows what I need. Sometimes I need to be comforted. Sometimes I need to be corrected.  Always I need to be taught and equipped for service. WAIT on the Lord, and our strength will be renewed.  In the November Spiritual Guide read of God’s commands.  You may find that WAIT is in the Bible more than you thought. Pastor Pam has talked of the fruit of the Spirit that God wants to grow in us. Three of the nine are patience, self-control, and love. I can’t wait till you read them…or maybe I can.

Bobbie Denny, spiritual lay leader

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