Spiritual Life Guide

Recently we lost power due to the winds from Hurricane Michael.  Then we lost power due to a wreck on Idlewild Road. Then we lost power due to “equipment malfunction.”  THREE TIMES!  I’m NOT a camper! I don’t do well without light. To be plunged into darkness, and to remain there for days, just leaves me in confusion. Out of habit, I flip on switches that consciously I know don’t work…and I do that more than once, making me feel STUPID!  I get behind on my to-do list as if I am powerless when my house is.

There were two things good that came from those days: a renewed thankfulness in my heart for the things I take for granted AND the subject of the November spiritual guide, LIGHT/DARKNESS. The Bible is full of references to the light of God (goodness) and the cover of darkness (evil).  I invite you to read with thanksgiving the blessings from the light of God’s Word. May we walk in His light, reflect His light in our world, and bring the light of Christ into the dark places of our world.

Bobbie Denny, spiritual lay leader