Spiritual Life Guide

Happy New Year!  I like turning a page on my calendar because it gives me a feeling of hope, anticipation of things to come that I can accomplish things without mistakes of the past. HA!  Turning the calendar page for me is leaving behind the past with its mistakes and starting over with a set of better days.  So for me,  turning from December to January is the best!  That turning offers more than a new page; it offers a whole new set of pages with promises of warm spring days, fresh summer vegetables, and dreams and surprises along the way.

I CHOOSE to look for good.

You may think I’m just a silly old woman out of touch with the terrible conditions of our world.  I’m old, but I’m still functioning!  My brain knows  there are days other than sunny ones, but my heart chooses to see as God sees. I see His Spirit guiding me. I see His blessings all around me. I see His love in rain or shine because I’m not alone.  “Sorrow may endure for the night, but joy comes in the morning.” Call me naïve if you will, but I rest at night knowing my God is in control, and I awake each morning eager to read His Word, to meet Jesus in those verses, and to praise and thank Him for His direction and Presence in the new day. It’s worked for me through MANY new calendars.  I don’t believe He will let me down in 2019.

As you put out a fresh calendar, see each day as an opportunity to grow closer to God.  Read a psalm or some verses in the Bible. THAT’S where you’ll get to know God.  Ask God to help you understand what you read.  Thank God for someone or something every day.  Say or do one thing to encourage or lift up another person.  The January Spiritual Guide has readings about NEW THINGS we have in Christ.  Meditate on these.  “His MERCIES are new every morning. Great is His faithfulness.”

Bobbie Denny, spiritual lay leader