Spiritual Life Guide


Have you seen the commercial where the precious little boy is trying to talk to his parents about school, and they are both texting and only half-listening? He wants to tell them things about school, but they are not listening.  It makes me want to jump into the picture, grab their phones, throw them against the wall, and say, “LISTEN to your little boy while he still wants to talk to you!”  Today there is SO MUCH COMMUNICATING, but SO LITTLE LISTENING!   When we attempt to multitask, our LISTENING suffers.  Parents, your teenager knows to ask your permission for something when she sees your phone in your hand.

I suspect poor listening has been part of the human condition way before mobile devices were invented.   I imagine a caveman drawing on his wall, saying to his wife, “Yeah, I heard you.  There’s a bison charging.”                                                                                                                                                                               The word LISTEN appears a LOT in the Bible.  It’s a common verb, so few references appear in indexes, but it’s used to emphasize things that maybe the Holy Spirit thought we might miss.  For some time I’ve been jotting down verses which contain the word LISTEN.  I found the most in the book of Acts. I wonder if the Holy Spirit knew we might miss His acts!  He’s easy to miss today if we are not listening. The October spiritual guide is about LISTENING .  As you read the verses that contain LISTEN, ask yourself two questions: Are you LISTENING? If you ARE LISTENING, what did God say? The guide is on the prayer table and on the church’s website.

   Bobbie Denny, spiritual lay leader