Spiritual Life Guide

NAMES FOR GOD                             June Spiritual Guide

Names meant more in Bible times than they seem to mean today. A name spoke truths about the character and likely action of the person. God is vast! He has MANY names by which He is spoken in both Old and New Testaments. Some names He calls Himself. Other names are used by writers to convey truths about God as their writing indicates. We can learn a lot about our God when we delve into the name used in the portion of Scripture we read.  This month we will read thirty different names. In the English translation there might seem to be repetition, but in the Hebrew or Greek, there are differences we just don’t understand without footnotes and commentaries. Read and study on your own, or just read and let God’s Spirit bring beautiful truths and promises to you.

We have favorites of many things. I have favorite names for God that I use in my prayer time.  When I say “Jehovah-Jireh,” I am addressing my God who provides me with everything I need. The name was used when Abraham was about to sacrifice his precious son Isaac. God saw that Abraham would do anything for God and would hold nothing back. Abraham knew that God could bring someone back from the dead if that was God’s way, for to Abraham, nothing was impossible for God! The angel of the Lord stopped Abraham from sacrificing Isaac. Then he provided a ram instead. In Genesis 22:13-14 it says on the mountain of the Lord He will provide.  The story is powerful, but for us we can take from it that the same God who provided for Abraham will provide for us. God will provide whatever we NEED for whatever situation we are in or whatever mission or ministry God asks us to do. There is a Jewish song called “Jehovah-Jireh.” It’s a fun song for children to sing. They sing it over and over, getting faster each time. They end up out of breath, happily laughing. Isn’t that a great way to remember that God WILL provide?! Be happy about that!

My very favorite name to call God is El Shaddai. “El” is the word “God,” and it is used with other words. Shaddai means “Almighty.” I like the way that word comes from my mouth. I cannot explain other than to say when I repeat “Shaddai,” I am lifted into His Presence. We have a beautiful hymn in our hymnal (that’s put away for COVID days) called “El Shaddai.” I love to sing that short but powerfully moving song.

I’ve observed that Pastor Pam uses Jehovah-Rapha in her prayers. That’s God’s name as healer. It’s as if she is saying, “God who heals, heal this person now.”  I love that!  Maybe you’ll find a favorite name this June.
Bobbie Denny, spiritual lay leader