Spiritual Life Guide


Journey. Walk. The two words are similar in that they imply movement, and yet they are different.  We are about to journey through the season of Lent. We have a destination: Easter. In our journey, we hope to be with others, but we also hope to spend time alone with God. Both elements help us grow in our love for God and for others. Our Lenten journey is forty days, plus six Sundays.  During this journey we can eat and fellowship with Central on Thursdays, attend a class led by Bobbie, bring our children and youth to eat and attend a class just for them.  It’s NOT too late to be part of Thursdays. JUST COME! On Wednesdays we can eat and participate in Table Talk at various churches in our area, including our own. See the bulletin or the calendar outside the office (WHO’S MY NEIGHBOR?) to know which church is hosting and if it’s lunch or dinner. That changes each week.

As for personal time, we use the word WALK as opposed to journey.  In the Bible, walking is living our ordinary lives. We are told to walk with God, meaning whatever we do, do it with an awareness of God’s Presence. We are to walk in newness of life, to walk with integrity, to walk in freedom. The spiritual guide contains thirty-one Scriptural references to walking. I invite you to read and pray over them. From Enoch’s walking with God, in the first part of Genesis, to the saved believers walking with God in heaven forever, as promised in Revelation, the Bible is full of people who walked with God.

Would you like to walk with Him? Get a guide, seek Him, and He’ll do the rest! WALK to the prayer table for your guide or JOURNEY on-line (something that takes me a lot longer to do). OH! Check out MY THEME SONG for this Lenten journey: “Walk with Me,” found in the little black book In Faith We Sing. It blesses me so much!

Bobbie Denny, spiritual lay leader