Spiritual Life Guide

“Fingerprint of God”       September Spiritual Guide

Months ago, I received something I dearly treasure. It’s a big picture of a fingerprint. Upon closer look, the lines of the print are formed by words, words from the Bible. It gets even better! The verses come from all sixty-six books of the most special possession I own. They were chosen because they tell something about God, His being, His character.  God reveals Himself to us in many ways. The Word is one way.  We can miss some things about God when we get involved in reading the stories of people and events. Reading the fingerprint, which I love to do, reminds me of the God who created ME, loves ME, blesses ME.

We have been told that no two fingerprints are alike, that God made us unique. He never runs out of ways to make us different and yet all loved equally by Him. God is also unique, way more than unique. He’s the One God, a Holy Other, Perfect…all-seeing, all-knowing, all-powerful, eternal, pure love. That’s just a start. From Genesis to Revelation God is there. From birth to death, God is here. From earth to heaven, God is everywhere.

Last month we looked toward the heavens, focusing on the heavenlies, physical and spiritural aspects. This month we are going to the Source of all: GOD! Some of the verses will be very familiar. Some might not be as familiar, might not be chosen as the theme verse of that book or one of your life verses. They are verses that tell us something about God from the words the Spirit gave each writer as much as 1500 years ago.  I’m not changing a thing. I’m giving us the first thirty, one each day in September, beginning with Genesis.  The more we read and meditate on WHO GOD IS, the more we will understand how LIMITLESS He is, how faithful, how dependable, how righteous. THEN we will be even more awed that God would choose to tell us about Himself, book after book, verse after verse.   I praise God for Vern and Vicki Anderson and their generous, most thoughtful gift to me! Tell them thanks during this month.

Bobbie Denny, spiritual lay leader