Garden Guidelines

A plot will be assigned to the gardener once the Plot Manager receives the application and fee.

Rules of Gardening:

  1. The gardener is responsible for tilling, enhancing, planting, watering, weeding, harvesting and cleaning up his/her plot.
  2. Each gardener must maintain the pathways (approximately 1½ feet) surrounding his/her plot, and keep the weeds under control.
  3. Each plot should have corner stakes at the corners exposed to pathways. This helps to mark out each plot, and to guide the hose.
  4. Plastic mulches are not allowed. Organic herbicides, insecticides and fungicides are strongly encouraged.
  5. A compost bin will be available nearby for general use by the gardeners. You are encouraged to add plant residue and organic waste in order to create compost for future use. PLEASE-NO WEEDS OR ANIMAL PRODUCTS EVER IN BINS!
  6. Do not leave empty containers, pots, etc. in your plot. Please haul off all trash.
  7. Hose Care: Leave nozzle open so pressure does not build up. Stretch out hoses down the main aisle.
  8. Tools are the responsibility of each gardener. However, a locked “community” tool chest may be available for tools that you don’t mind sharing. A key/code can be purchased for $2.  If you are using another gardener’s tool when he or she shows up and needs it, common courtesy is the rule.
  9. Please be considerate of your neighbors: (a)Harvest only from your plot unless you have explicit permission from another gardener.(b)Be careful about plants which are excessively tall or sprawling.(c)If you apply pesticides, please do so on non-windy days. Some gardeners desire an organic environment.  (d)Use only garden decorations and structures that are pleasing to the eye.(e)Use pathways for observing other gardens.

Obtaining a plot:

  1. An annual fee (currently $20) is paid at the time of submitting an application for each gardener to secure his/her plot for the year. There is a limit of (1)14’x10’plot per household.
  2. If you find that you are unable to continue utilizing your plot, please contact the plot manager who will reassign it.
  3. Plots cannot be passed along to relatives or friends as there may be a waiting list.
  4. Gardeners of neglected plots will have 2 weeks to clean up their plot, or it will be forfeited.
  5. If your plot is left unplanted on April 15th, a new gardener will be assigned.

Expectations:  Meetings and Workdays

Official community garden meetings will be held twice a year (usually in February and October).  Gardeners are expected make every effort to attend.

Garden workdays are held two to four times a year.  Participation is mandatory. If the workday falls on a day you can’t come, you must schedule another day.

Garden membership requires participation in the general maintenance of the shared areas of the community garden.  This includes attending the spring and fall work sessions and assisting in tasks such as mowing, weeding, and repairs.  For more information, please call Plot Administrator Langston Denny at 704-536-9157 or email