Spiritual Life Guide

Give Me a Break!

Breaking News!” “We’ll break it down for you.” “Breaking now is our lead story.”  Seriously, if I hear one more use of the word break, I just might have to break something around here!  Do YOU ever hear something that is repeated so much that it grates on your nerves?  Surely it’s not just me!  It probably IS just me who decides to see where and how the word is used in the Bible.  I found some beautiful uses: “Jesus broke bread and gave it to His disciples” as a symbol of His body broken for the forgiveness of sins. “Jesus gave thanks, broke the bread,” and it multiplied to feed five thousand.    Then I read in the Old Testament the instructions not to break a bone of the Passover Lamb, followed in the New Testament the fact that Jesus’ bones were not broken like those of the two criminals hanging with Him. This was “so the Scripture would be fulfilled that not one of His bones would be broken.”

We have repeated verses about God’s being near to the brokenhearted. Jesus came to heal the brokenhearted.  The kind of person God forgives is one who has a broken and contrite heart.

In the month of February, take a break and read the Word of God. On the spiritual guide is a place for you to note how “break” is used and if it’s a positive or negative use. Let me break this to you gently, God has breaking news for you: You are loved, and if you forget Him, it will break His heart.

Bobbie Denny, spiritual lay leader