Spiritual Life Guide

Pondering the Heavens!

Some days there is just so much “Yuck” down on earth that I just look up toward the heavens and speak to God about it. I find the Bible’s words suggesting looking to the hills “from where our help comes” to be a rather good thing to do. I look above the hills toward the One who made those hills, the One who made everything and everyone one.  Such awful climate issues from one side of the United States to the other, more natural and man-made disasters in many parts of the world, COVID that won’t seem to subside, anger and violence seem totally out of control. YOU know.  Time looking “up,” which is just a natural inclination, even as we know that “up” is really “out,” in terms of space, helps us begin to think of God. God is ever more ready to help than we are to ask for that help. Even if I don’t immediately pray about the “Yuck,” I find I’m quieted and blessed in the change of focus.  I begin to ponder the heavens and the things that are heavenly.

God says He dwells in a high and lofty place but also with humans. God created the heavens and the earth. God made angels and heavenly beings. God commands His angels to do His bidding. We are made a little lower than the angels. Angels sing praises to Jesus and long to look into the way of salvation. In short, the Bible gives us verse after verse, reference after reference, to say HEAVENLY BEINGS ARE REAL, HEAVEN IS REAL, ANGELS ARE REAL. The spiritual world may not be UP, but it’s certainly ABOVE US in every way. Just because we cannot SEE spiritual beings does NOT mean they don’t exist. Can you SEE electricity? You can’t, but you know to be cautious around wall sockets. Can you SEE love? You can’t, but you have no doubt when it’s in your life in the many forms it takes.

Let’s look above in August. Let’s ponder the heavens.  Each day read some references I’ve chosen that tell about angels, angelic hosts, God’s dwelling place, our promised land and eternal home, and others. If we ponder the heavenlies, we may gain hope for things earthly. We may be inspired to do something to help the earthly parts of creation. God planned for us to be where we are, to learn about Him and grow more like His Only Son, to help others as we all journey through the life that is a blessing in so many ways. I always feel joy when I’m immersed in the Word. Go with me! Get a hardcopy on the table near the office, or print your own August guide from the church website. Thanks to Lucille Howard for keeping that site open and refreshed!

Bobbie Denny, spiritual lay leader