Spiritual Life Guide


There are many “please” phrases: “If it pleases the court…”  “Pretty please, with sugar on it!” “You cannot please everyone.”     The last one is a truth, indeed. Recently I was in charge of snacks at the lay school. I thought, “Surely EVERYONE will be pleased with ice cream as an afternoon snack.” Everyone was pleased…except those who are lactose intolerant, those who are diabetic, those who have teeth sensitivity to cold, those who can’t eat chocolate or nuts or some other ingredient. The only way to please everyone that day would have been to serve warm ice cream made with no milk, no sugar, no chocolate, no nuts.  Yummy.  Pleasing God is actually easier than pleasing man!

The Bible has very clear instructions regarding pleasing God. Verse after verse tells us what pleases God and what does not please Him. The Lord is pleased… The Lord will not be pleased… Sometimes “acceptable” or “finds favor” is substituted for “please,” but the meaning is still clear.  I would like to be able to please people, and I do try, but I fail from time to time. I apologize and move on.  Pleasing God is far more important to me. He’s first in my life! If He’s first in your life, check the spiritual guide for May. See if you’re pleasing our Lord. It’s on the prayer table in the narthex and on line, thanks to Lucille Howard. She pleases the Lord, for sure!

Bobbie Denny, spiritual lay leader