Spiritual Life Guide

March! It’s such a hopeful month! Trees have started coming to life.  We see shades of green this month that we don’t see any other time of year. I love Iooking and marveling at what God does when He brings life in places I’ve labeled as “dead.” Isn’t it wonderful that He does the same thing in us when we feel “dead” spiritually? God brings new green (life) in us when we draw near to Him in hope and obedience.  We enter Lent in March.  Lent is a time of drawing closer to God as we prepare to celebrate Easter.  This year, we are going to celebrate early by finding joy in the days of Lent. I suggest you go outside and find joy. I invite you to join Pastor Pam and me in a 6-week study of Philippians called Because of This I Rejoice.  I beg you to draw nearer to God by praying daily, worshiping every Sunday, serving others who need help.  The spiritual guide, “Trees in the Bible,” cites this reference: “All of the trees of the forest sing for joy to the Lord.”  Can trees sing? Yes!  When I see new leaves coming on the trees, they are doing what God created them to do, and God is pleased.  Their obedience is a way to sing to their Creator. “Sing for joy. Your Savior comes!” (The guide is on line and on the table in the narthex.)

Bobbie Denny, spiritual lay leader