Spiritual Life Guide


My granddaughter came into the world loving music.  As a tiny baby she moved intentionally when she heard music. Her reactions were decidedly different when she heard music as opposed to voices. I truly believe that we are born to be moved by music. God knew that we could go beyond ourselves and move toward Him when music is played. When our worship includes music, we turn from self and turn to God. Of course we have preferences. God made us different. One loves classical with resounding organ pipes. One loves piano and drum that lifts our spirits and stirs the rhythm inside us.  One loves voices. One loves instruments.  Differences are wonderful when they bring different people to the REASON WE COME TO WORSHIP: JESUS CHRIST.

I thank God for music and for Central’s music department. It thrills me when DeAnn plays and adds her honey-rich voice. It makes me smile when Kevin plays the many sounds of his drums. It makes me praise when I see Larry Ward singing, for his love of music is all over his face. The choir works hard to lead us in worship. I’m grateful. I’m thankful for Lori’s leadership, for Michelle’s wealth of musical expertise, for bells, and for children’s voices. And I’m thankful for those of us in the congregation who sing or hum or just sway to the music of God.

April’s spiritual guide is about music in the Bible, both vocal and instrumental.  As you spend time daily with God, add some music of your own.

Bobbie Denny, spiritual lay leader