Spiritual Life Guide

Did you marvel over pictures of the crashing waves during Hurricane Florence? SO MUCH WATER! Have you been awestruck by the mountains of North Carolina? SO MUCH LAND! One of my grandsons is captivated not by big oceans or tall mountains, but by little bugs. Noah finds tiny bugs everywhere and watches them endlessly.  “Gran! Look! Look at its teeny tiny legs! Watch him, Gran! ” CREATION is amazing to behold in its variety of landforms, water forms, plants, animals, and bugs. Things above the earth, on the earth, under the earth, God has made for man to appreciate.  I read this quote, though I cannot recall to whom credit is due: “If creation is not an endless wonder to you, you are not paying attention.” Are we too busy, too self-absorbed to pay attention to what God has created?

As the seasons change from summer to fall, may we become more aware of our world. Creation is a wonder and is reason for us to thank God.  We thank the Creator. We give praises to God for His wisdom and power to create the world that He gave to mankind. We must be good stewards of this world.  I’ve chosen scripture readings that speak of creation. This October, as you read God’s Word and marvel over the fall colors, but never forget to focus on the Creator more than the creation. Just as Jesus’ miracles were signs that pointed to Jesus, God’s creations are signs that point to God. Pay attention!

Bobbie Denny, spiritual lay leader