Spiritual Life Guide

Usually our youngest son was not afraid of the dark, but one night something was making him afraid. Of course it would be one of the nights that my paperwork to be graded was larger than usual. I put him to bed with prayers, and I returned to the den to grade as much as I could before getting so sleepy, I would have to quit for the night.  “Mommie, will you come in here?” “Go to sleep, Matthew.” “Mommie, I’m scared.” “You are fine, Matty. There is nothing to be afraid of. Jesus is with you.” “I know Jesus is with me, Mommie, but I want someone with a face with me!”  Needless to say, I put my papers down and took my face to his room and stayed until he fell asleep.

“The face of God” is something we all want to see.  The Bible records times when the face of God shone upon a person and times when God turned His face away from a person.  When the face of God shone on a person, he was blessed. When God hid His face from someone, there was judgment.  The blessing that God told Aaron to use included the words, “Make your face shine upon us…lift up your countenance upon us and give us peace.”  Sometimes our ministers use the priestly blessing at the close of a service (Numbers 6:24-26).  I long to see the face of God. I know when I do, I’ll be looking at pure love. The Bible promises that in heaven I will see Him face to face.

I’ve chosen scripture that speaks of the face of God and people like Moses who talked with God face to face.  Use the guide this June to bring you closer to God.                                                                                     Blessings,                                                                                                                                                                      Bobbie Denny, spiritual lay leader